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Mardi, 2018-03-20
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Search Engine stat. Jun 2012

When we talk SEO in France, it's (almost) always ranking on Google it is. Why you say? Simply because it is the engine as used in the Hexagon, and ahead of its competitors widely. Its position is completely 
dominant, but that's another matter.

   In order not to leave you in limbo, the AT Internet, a leading web analytics, publishes a monthly 
barometer of the search engines. The latest is that of June 2012, found below, which will gauge the share 
of visits for five major search engines. Statistics are available for France, Germany, Spain and the UK on the official website

Baromètre des moteurs de recherche Juin 2012

  The number to take into account is in turquoise, gray corresponds to the figure of the previous month. As you can see, here is a list of June 2012 (estimated average distribution per search engine visits):

1- Google: 90%
2- Bing: 3.1%
3- Yahoo!: 1.4%
4- Babylon: 1%                                                                          5- Orange: 0.7%

The dominance of Google is obvious, the other engines are lagging behind. You may also notice that the other engines unlisted share a tiny piece of the pie (3.8%).

Other European countries.

Online tools 


Do not search the visibility offered by Google is a big mistake. You would spend close to many opportunities. But another mistake would be to focus only on the giant Mountain View: indeed, neglecting the other engines is not a good thing. The contribution of potential traffic could be significant.

And one last thing: do not focus all your efforts on SEO. Much you can win big, as you may lose everything! Imagine if Google penalizes your site or downgrades following the arrival of a new animal black and white: you would have more Internet traffic, and your business plan is likely to collapse. This does not happen to others, there are many examples, and many are still those who were not aware that this sword of Damocles over their head ...

  • Study conducted from 1st to June 30th, 2012
  • Perimeter of 12,298 websites

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